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Extracts from Art of The Storm

Magic in The Moonlight

"The Empress turns to face towards the sky
Christened like a stone polished beyond imagination 
Still her shadow falls behind her, drying in the colour of the sacred sun 
She looks to the moon in vain
Contemplating quietly its scars
Never asking questions or searching for answers
Simply speaking the language of Gods
For she knows tomorrows rain will wash away the burns of a thousand sacred suns"

Art of Death

" bring peace and compassion in an uncompromising desert of greed and corruption; where the privileged prevail and the “rich” are those who are bankrupt in the eyes of society 
Who strive for the pleasant and bring the good down to their knees 
For momentary pleasure will have a soul fall short from the walnut tree 
How do we find the balance between the momentary pleasures in Life and that which is possibly good? 
For both sides of the coin have possibilities for human potential and destruction"


"To swim amongst the tides of existence is like the golden dew about to drop from the edge of a single blade of grass 
Enjoying the rays of the haunting stars that have expired long before birth
What is it to taste death and meet with your soul?
And to what is our purpose in the one relation to this universe?
Dissolve in your posture until you become the very essence of breath itself
Grace is your birthright 
Like a moth drawn to a flame
And only to that shall we be consumed
An ode to those who have seen the darkness"