About the Book

A Collection of Divinely Inspired Poems, Short Stories, Contemplations, Prayers, Mantras & Meditation
Art of The Storm is a collection of divinely inspired poems, short stories, and reflections inspired through Dylan's daily meditation journey, yoga practices, and connecting with nature.
The poems in this collection will bring light and wisdom to its readers through its inspired writing, illuminating the heart and mind.
"The poet is a yogi by heart and spiritual pilgrim. A seeker of truth and light beyond all the layers of physical manifestation and society. His life journey and spiritual path has inspired his writing and he hopes to be a poet of light and wisdom; bringing inspiration, creativity and healing to the reader", Balboa Press (A division of Hay House)
A sincere thank you and deep gratitude to all those involved in the journey of the books manifestation:
Govinda Kai (foreword) Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher
Simon Haas (back cover review) Author of Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Chocies and teacher of Yoga Philosophy
Britt Janssen (review) Author of Kitchen of Love Cook Books & Vegan Cook
Andrea Rodriguez Cervantes (cover graphics/art credits)
Anne Euny Koh - (proof reader)
Tieneke Bertelink - (spiritual adviser)
Pamela J. Ramnares (review) Founder of Ginger & Yoga - Welness Coaching
Published: October 2017
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Pages: 108

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